Monday, February 19, 2018

Beginner Bullet Journal Journey

At the beginning of this year I started a bullet journal instead of getting a new yearly planner. I've never really been artsy but I decided that this year I wanted to try something new. I have always just gone the easy way and purchased a yearly planner. Last year I used the MAMBI Happy Planner which I enjoyed but this year after watching so many YouTube videos of all the wonderful ladies bullet journaling, I wanted to try it for myself.

I purchased the Rhodia Black Webnotebook off of AMAZON for roughly $16.00. I've had my bullet journal for roughly a month and I am absolutely glad I went this route. It has been fun and I have been pushing myself to draw more. I've taken pictures of a few of my simple bullet journal weekly layouts. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Plan with me! Happy Planner

This weeks plan with me was awesome. My husband volunteered to draw a few pics for me. All the characters were hand drawn by my husband except for the glasses. Background rectangles were all from DCWV Coastal premium pack. I believe all the washi tape was from Michaels. Not sure which sets the washi was from though.

This week was not really eventful but it was fun to plan. Sorry, this is such a short post. Especially, because I haven't posted most of this summer.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Michaels Haul + Plan with me!

I went to Michaels this past weekend and found some pretty decent deals. Ever since I started couponing, I haven't really been able to stop myself. So, I decided to take a minor break and check out Michaels and found some stuff that I really liked.

This past weekend that I went they had 20% off entire purchase. I went mainly for the paper pads because we all know how much I love those. And I went to get me some more washi/crafting tape. I feel like all my current washi tapes were fairly similar in color so I decided it was time for a change.

 I picked up four of the Hot Buy paper pads. All $5.99 each! This deal is basically always going. So go and check out your Michaels to see what they have.

Here are a few of my favorite pages! Not all but some.

While I was there I stumbled onto a pretty good deal on washi tapes. They were buy two get one free plus there was 20% off of that. So yes, I scored. However, I regret not getting more. Maybe next time.

I also took this chance to plan. Not much thought went into it. I just played with it for a little bit. And voila. Here is this weeks planner.

That is it. Thanks for showing your support and reading my post. Even though it was mainly pictures!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Plan with me: Past, Present and Future

I haven't been the best about posting but I thought I would show you guys what I've been doing in my planner. I love planning but schools been hectic since it started so I'm slowing down again with posting. Sorry.

Anyways my planner week by week will be posted below for inspiration to anyone who needs it. Believe me, I needed some myself.

January 23-January 29 -> COFFEE Theme

January 30-February 5 -> HEART Theme

February 6-February 12 FLORAL + SWEETS Theme

If you've never seen any of my previous plan with me's I mostly just get my pictures from google. Most stickers and tapes are from Micheals or Target Bullseye spot.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mini Target Dollar Spot Haul

I picked up a few things from Target the other day from the dollar section when I went couponing. I didn't get much but I just wanted to show you the cute stuff I got.

I picked up this cute stationary set for $3. Super cute! I basically only bought it for the floral page flags though. I have an obsession with floral print. So you'll probably seeing alot of that in Spring. Especially with my plan with me posts.

I also bought this set. This was also $3. I mainly got it for the bottom half of the set and it screamed my name when I saw it.

I feel like these are post its that I can use all the time in my planner so this was a good deal in my opinion. If you've found anything that might catch my eyes definitely comment with a photo.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rimmel ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eyeliner

What are your thoughts on Rimmel ScandalEyes precision micro eyeliner? The one I have is "waterproof" but I wanted to bring up something that has been happening to me with this particular item. If you've had a similar experience with this please let me know in the comments that I'm not the only one.

I've had this for a while now and I've been using it on and off. I didn't realize until yesterday that this made me eyelids itch then burn which in turn made them water. Literally right after I applied this to my lash line, it started to itch a little. After a few seconds I felt a faint burning sensation then my eyes began to water. I was literally crying because my eyes wouldn't stop watering.

I itched my watery eyes and guess what came off. You guessed it. The eyeliner came off. So much for "waterproof". I looked in the mirror and my eye makeup was still good by my eyeliner had smudged, transferred to the top of my eyelids and ran because my eyes were watering so badly and from me itching my eyelids. After the eyeliner had been smudged and scratched off from me scratching my eyelids the burning stopped and my eyes stopped watering.

I don't know if I'm allergic to something in this but whatever it was it hurt. My eyelids aren't swollen or anything they just itched. I shook it up before applying just in case but it still burned. My eyes aren't overly sensitive so I'm not sure why this made my eyes itch and burn. So you might want to skip this but I really do love all their waterproof kohl kajal eyeliners though if you're in the market for them. Especially, the black, brown and nude ones and they are about the same price as this item.

I really wanted to love this because the applicator is nice and the color payoff is super great but it just had to itch and burn. None the less I still like Rimmel. Just this product didn't work out.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Target Dollar Spot

I found a few of the new holiday dollar spot items a few others so I just wanted to drop in and show you all what I got. I am sorry about not posting as I'm getting swamped with finals and projects. Thanks for understanding.

If you are familiar with the Halloween washi tapes that were shaped like spiders and skulls then this exactly the same. But instead of being glittery skulls and spiders this one in particular is a green foiled Christmas tree cut out.

I found these three super cute Christmas themed sticker books. If you can't find the Rudolph sticker book check the kids section of the dollar spot. That is where I found mine. The other two sticker books I found just this past weekend.

Last things I found were these sticky flags. Super excited about finding the Christmas themed ones because they were literally the last ones that were way at the bottom and furthest from the front. I would like to think that I scored because I don't normally get lucky and find any of the holiday items. What did you find at your target. Leave a comment so I can try and hunt them down too.